Thanks for being here.

I'm a creative, a wanderer - who lives in soaking in moments which become memories.  We live in a rural town and enjoy simple life.
I'm a crunchy mom who craves nature and teaching our son real life skills. 
Mom to a grown up little lady, which I'll forever obsess over. 
Married to my childhood crush.

Enough about me though.
Let's get into why chasing sunsets and reaching mountain tops is my favorite thing to do.

I'm Juladie

Hello there!

Take me to the places that you want to be. 

Love, Juladie

I’ve got an intense passion for road trips, including but not limited to: 
tall trees, boulders, cliffs, endless bodies of water, extraordinary architecture, exotic foods, animals and humans.
I am a nature loving, sun chasing, mountain climbing, life living soul; a free spirit.
Elevator talk is just an intro to the rest of my life. I'm an open book. enlightened with my own journey.  
Circa 2014 , I became a freelance photographer documenting children and families in my hometown of Hialeah, FL (a very cultural city within the so cultural Miami). With enough experience and opportunity I steered into documenting love stories, later evolving to destination and wedding photography.  
With life's plot twists and adventures of course, and by unanimous  decision, our family opted out of our busy pants dropping lifestyle in the city for country living. Which brings us to today. 
I'm in the mood to capture the organic and authentic moments you live for today, which you can bring  back  to life again later. I'm here to capture an image that'll cause nostalgia when you really need it, time away from now.
I'm wanting to work with like minded human beings who feel real feelings. Those who are wanting to lock special moments between the milestones. Tiny humans playing in the mud, walking their pups- a long walk to the school bus stop. Love happening. Two humans wrapped up between sheets, after a hike, a swim.  A mother in her garden, gathering for Thanksgiving feast with her children being little and young. An expecting mother, cradling her body as she awaits her newest love.   That. 

Take me places you want to go. Let me live with you into your visions, your dreams and your passions. 
The possibilities are endless. I'm here for it.

Willing and ready, 

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"Life is about the moments between the milestones"
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